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Istanbul Chamber of Commerce is the one of World’s largest and deep-rooted chambers with over 700 thousand members.

Istanbul Chamber of Commerce operates with the vision of increasing the share of its members in international trade, guiding them through global economic developments, and contributing to the rise of Turkey as a regional power.

Istanbul Chamber of Commerce is aware of its crucial role regarding the need to respond to the structural and current issues faced by the private sector, enhance Turkey’s international trade power, and provide a safe and stable development environment for the national economy.

Istanbul Chamber of Commerce carries out its work in line with the mission of supporting the development of all aspects of economic and commercial life.

As an institution dedicated to the future of Turkey, Istanbul Chamber of Commerce encourages rapid development and expansion of trade, small-scale industry, and service sectors on the basis of its mission. It strives to develop new overseas markets, and organizes trade shows. It identifies and tries to eliminate the obstacles before the development of the business world.

Istanbul Chamber of Commerve executes the procedures concerning its members, quickly and without delay. It informs the public and helps maintain professional ethics and solidarity as referred to its character. It cooperates with all kinds of public and private, professional, scientific, social and cultural entity with a view to helping further the development of the nation.

Istanbul Chamber of Commerce has been striving for both elevating the values owned by Istanbul and facilitating the opreations of its members in their Daily business operations since its establishment in 1882.

Istanbul Chamber of Commerce always locate in the center of Turkey’s economic outlook. That’s why it has adopted a service concept which referes to customer oriented service having three steps. The first of them relates to the duties and responsibilities  which are concerning with the execution of many legal documents from registration to exporting processes determined by the law. Secondly, it organizes educational activities for its members to gain a perspective  and strategy coming from local to global. And the third one of its main duities, is to protect the commercial rights and benefits of its members. As the leader foundation of Turkish economy, Istanbul Chamber of Commerce has always  made an effort and realized its all responsibilities properly and it has become a commercial ecole spreading from its location to all over the world.

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