Countdown starts for the first serial production TOGG

Türkiye’s global mobility brand Togg is leaving behind another critical stage towards achieving its target of ‘journey towards innovation.’ Togg’s test production activities were commenced, and the brand is planning to launch the first serial production car from the production band by the end of 2022. Togg aims to become a global brand of which Türkiye owns all exclusive intellectual and property rights.

TOGG carried out the preliminary demonstration of its vehicles on 27 December 2019 with the motto ‘journey towards innovation’, and the brand moves onto a new stage as of the end of 2022. Togg’s CEO Gürcan Karakaş talked about their 2022 goals at the facilities in Gemlik province of Bursa and stated that they have been reaching their targets step by step in line with the plans. Karakaş said, “There will be a total of 250 robots in our facility. We will launch the test production at the end of July 2022, and our first serial production vehicle will be off the production band at the end of 2022. Following the completion of the homologation tests, our first vehicle C-segment SUV will be launched to the market in the first quarter of 2023.”

Declaring TOGG as a ‘smart device’, Togg’s CEO Gürcan Karakaş stressed that as a technology company, they did not attend automotive fairs and reminded that they participated world’s largest Consumer Electronics Show CES 2022 on 5-8 January.


Telling that they started installing the equipment in the facility, Karakaş continued, “We launched the development of the smart device parts of the automobile and selected our suppliers. Presently, we are running the crash tests, endurance, and performance tests. We are gradually implementing all the engineering development processes professionally.” Karakaş underlined that they built Europe’s cleanest facilities in Gemlik.


Gürcan Karakaş noted before launching the automobile’s sales, they may introduce a different product to the consumers with the startups they collaborate with, and they negotiated with 226 startups. Declaring that they shook hands with ten of these companies, Karakaş stressed that they also worked in detail with 25 startups. Karakaş stated that they focused on strategic areas such as mobility solutions, big data, cyber security, fintech, blockchain, gamification, smart grids, and mobility services.


Karakaş’ statements on Togg’s price are as follows: “Ever since we started our journey, we thought that when we entered the market in 2023, the C-segment SUV with the highest sales in our country would not be an electric vehicle. Therefore we planned all details knowing that we need to take a market share from the internal combustion vehicles. So, if you ask, ‘can you compete in the league of C-segment SUVs?’, our answer will be, ‘yes, we can.’”


Togg decided about its logo after determining the brand’s name. Two arrows are uniting in the logo design to form a precious stone in the middle to symbolize the East and the West’s joining. At the same time, the logo emphasizes Togg as the technology company uniting the technology and the human beings in the intersection point of today and tomorrow on account of Togg’s mobility solutions making life easier. Logo’s registration process required by the European Union, USA, China, Russia, Azerbaijan, Turkic States, and Türkiye commenced.


CEO Karakaş pointed out that they will have manufactured their batteries by the end of 2022 and continued: “We established Siro in partnership with Farasis Energy. We launched the preparations with Togg Smart and Rapid Charging Solutions Inc. to support a rapid and extensive infrastructure.” Karakaş mentioned that Siro, founded by Togg and Farasis Energy to develop power storage solutions, would become a leader in producing battery cells, modules, and packages. Karakaş also noted that Siro would become a business partner with Türkiye in the neighbouring countries in the automotive and non-automotive sectors.

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