Full ahead in naval exports

ASELSAN includes the torpedo countermeasure system and the electronic chart-based navigation system developed for surface and sub-surface systems to its export chain. Türkiye continues to support the peace and stability in its friendly nations by exporting defence systems used the seas as well as products of land, aviation, and space industry.

Aselsan, added the defence systems used in naval operations to its exports of defence systems regarding land and aerospace platforms. First exporting Zoka Acoustic Countermeasure Jammers/Decoys under naval systems, ASELSAN is now getting ready to export Zargana -a torpedo countermeasure system developed for surface and sub-surface platforms.

ASELSAN will export the Zargana Torpedo Countermeasure System for Submarines to Pakistan. The company indigenously developed this system for Pakistan Navy’s Agosta 90B Class Submarines Mid-Life Upgrade Project. Factory acceptance tests required for Zargana’s integration to Pakistani and Indonesian submarine systems are completed. The Turkish Navy actively uses torpedo countermeasure solutions for submarines. In the meantime, the export of Zoka Acoustic Countermeasure Jammer/Decoy was realized for the first time to Indonesian Naval Forces in 2019 and 2020. On the other hand, Zargana featuring a Launcher System, Decision Support System and Zoka Acoustic Countermeasure Jammer/Decoy Sub-Systems will be exported for the first time. Following the integration process, these export activities will allow more exports to the other submarines in Pakistan and Indonesia.


Zargana steps forth as the first and only submarine torpedo countermeasure system with superior capabilities compared to similar systems in the world. The system uses the target and environment data from the submarine to identify the most effective avoidance tactic against the torpedo attacking the submarine and enables the launching of the acoustic jammers and decoys that are programmed in line with the determined tactic. Acoustic jammers generate broadband noise to prevent the torpedos detection of the submarines. Acoustic decoys deceive the torpedos by emulating the behaviours of the submarine.


Another significant export achievemen of ASELSAN is linked to the MILGEM 1 vessel built for Pakistan. Factory acceptance tests of the two ASELSAN MITOS WECDIS to perform on Pakistan’s MILGEM 1 have been completed. In this way, another critical stage regarding the first export of the system has been finalized. ASELSAN MITOS is developed as an electronic chart-based navigation system product group for the surface and sub-surface platforms. The MITOS family includes WECDIS and Digital Plot Table (DPT) used in military platforms and ECDIS developed for civilian platforms. The systems under the product group are presently used in 12 platforms in Türkiye, and PAKISTAN MILGEM project will pave the way for their utilization in various platforms in Pakistan’s market. With adequate backup mechanisms, ASELSAN MITOS WECDIS assists navigation by offering data compliant with the up-to-date electronic navigation charts compliant with the International Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS) rules. The system uses the information such as position, heading and speed provided by the reference systems and offers route planning and monitoring capabilities to the relevant ship crew.


Türkiye is quite confident about the ULAQ series within the scope of strategic surface vessels. This year, Türkiye will be exporting large vessels with indigenous designs to export the ULAQ series’ first product -the Unmanned Surface Vessel (AUSV). AUSV conducts reconnaissance-surveillance activities for protecting the critical coastal facilities and floating components, and the vessel has a version that enables the installation of various weapon systems.


ASELSAN either manufactures system-based high technology products or provides them to platforms as sub-systems. ASELSAN’s exports per kg are around US$ 1.000. This figure is over the average defence industry export figures, and therefore it increases the average. In addition to contributing to the country’s economy with the products it exports, ASELSAN’s products support the ‘Made in Türkiye’ brand as high technology defence systems.


  • Route planning and monitoring
  • Voyage recording
  • Alarm and indicators
  • Screen capture and replay
  • Radar image overlay
  • Integration with the data distribution system (Gyro, GPS, Speed Log, AIS, Anemometer)
  • Navigational support functions (Preventing run aground and collision)
  • ARPA and (W)AIS information overlay
  • Water space management

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