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With its robust healthcare system, Turkey passed the Covid-19 exam quite successfully while healing the world with its medical supplies in high demand. Turkey supported all requesting countries.

During the half of the year, $573 million worth masks and protective wear has been exported. Nearly two thousand ICU respiratory support devices manufactured through indigenous resources have been sent abroad.

Under the coordination of TÜBİTAK COVID-19 TURKEY PLATFORM, 18 development projects (10 on drug development and eight on vaccine development) are being executed.

Despite Covid-19 bringing the global economy to a halt, thanks to its resilient healthcare system, Turkey successfully managed the pandemic's crisis while fulfilling the medical equipment demands of nearly 150 countries and the local requirements.

Throughout the pandemic, where we witnessed the failure of many developed countries from Europe to the USA, where even countries accused each other of stealing the healthcare supplies, Turkey set an example to the whole world with its healthcare services and its competence in industry and technology.


he governmental institutions, private sector, and vocational high schools mobilized all their capabilities during the pandemic, and nearly 30 thousand masks have been manufactured daily. While the whole world experienced severe problems in the procurement of masks and protective clothing, Turkey alone came to the rescue of many countries in Europe. In the first six months of the year, $537.4 million worth of exports (the total of $144.7 million worth medical and fabric masks, $428.7 million worth of protective wear) have been achieved. In a sense, Turkey acted as a protective shield against the pandemic in the whole globe.


Throughout the pandemic, one of Turkey's prominent successes has been the production of the respirators that play an essential role in the treatment of Covid-19 patients. Demanded by the whole world, the ventilators have been developed fully through indigenous and national facilities and manufactured in 14 days by ASELSAN and three other Turkish companies. During those days, nearly two thousand respirators have been exported.


Machinery and Chemical Industry Corporation (MKEK) revealed a pleasing development during the pandemic where the universities and private industry mobilized their facilities for manufacturing the indigenous breathing device. MKEK produced the mechanical breathing device 'Sahra'. The design and production of Sahra is fully indigenous and national. Costing less than its equivalents, Sahra will be a  'breath of fresh air' in the healthcare and critical care units, military bases or health units at military posts, field hospitals, hospitals, and intensive care units as well as the patients in the ambulances and homes.

The device is currently in the prototype stage. The goal is to achieve the production of 500 machines per week.


During the first quarter of 2020, where the Covid-19 pandemic reached its peak, Turkey's export

of pharmaceutical products increased by 30.7%. According to the data collected from the Turkish Statistical Institute and the Ministry of Trade, Turkey's export of pharmaceutical products reached $386 million 451 thousand and 895.

The highest demand has been received from Asian countries, and 35% of the total exports have been carried out to South Korea. $136 million 93 thousand and 57 worth pharmaceutical products have been exported to South Korea. With $16 million 299 thousand 658 Iraq and $14 million 404 thousand 194, Uzbekistan followed South Korea. Poland ranked first in the exports to Europe in January - March. $9 million 736 thousand and 975 worth pharmaceutical products have been sold to Poland. This country has been followed by Slovenia with $9 million 321 thousand and 76, and Switzerland with $8 million 363 thousand 593. $793 thousand 916 worth pharmaceutical products have been exported to the USA.


In addition to the success in supplying medical equipment, Turkey has been executing the drug development projects to terminate or reduce the effects of Covid-19. The activities on developing drugs and vaccines against the Covid-19 are being conducted under the coordination of TÜBİTAK COVID-19 Turkey Platform. Eight vaccine and ten drug development projects are carried out within the scope of the Platform. Minister of Industry and Technology stated that they attached great importance to the energy of young researchers and added, "We have founded Star Fellowships for the vaccine and drug development projects. Projects of 340 students and researchers applying for the fellowship have been evaluated, and 300 projects have been awarded." 


ASELSAN continuously worked for launching indigenous and national technologies on medical devices for imaging and diagnosis and received $31 million worth order on the ICU ventilation devices.
A contract on the production of ICU respiratory devices has been signed between ASELSAN and International Health Services Inc. (USHAŞ) on the production of ICU ventilators. In line with the contract, ASELSAN received an order on $31 million and 315 thousand worth mechanical ventilation devices for the ICUs. According to the agreement, the deliveries will be completed in 2020.

To contribute to the fight against the Covid-19 pandemic, Turkey sent medical aid to many countries from Europe to Africa, from Asia to the USA. Thousands of protective equipment and medical assistance, including protective masks, clothing, and antibacterial liquids manufactured through indigenous and national facilities at the military factories, sewing workshops within the body of the Ministry of National Defence and Mechanical and Chemical Industry Corporation have been transported by military cargo planes.

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