Job Group Nace Codes

Nace Description Number of Company
36.00.02 Water collection, purification and distribution 174
36.00.03 Maintenance and repair of water meters 3
37.00.01 Sewage (removal and purification of sewage wastes, operation of sewage systems and waste water treatment plants, emptying and cleaning of septic tanks and pools, portable toilets activities, etc.) 174
38.11.01 Collection of nonhazardous waste (garbage, recyclable materials, textile waste, etc.) (except construction and demolition waste, wrecks such as bushes, twigs, debris, etc.) 484
38.11.03 Operation of non-hazardous waste transfer station 11
38.12.01 Collection of hazardous waste (activities for collection of explosive, oxidizing, flammable, toxic, corrosive, infectious wastes and substances harmful to human health) (nuclear wastes, biochemical wastes, used batteries, etc.) 41
38.21.01 Treatment and disposal of nonhazardous waste and operation of storage areas for their disposal 124
38.22.01 Treatment and disposal of hazardous waste (activities for operation of hazardous waste treatment facilities, disposal of goods used for destruction of hazardous waste, etc.) (except radioactive waste) 53
38.31.01 Fragmentation (dismantling) of ships and floating structures for recovery of scrap materials 37
38.31.02 Fragmentation of scraps for recycling (equipment such as cars, computers, televisions, etc.) (except dismantling of ships and floating structures as well as those for creating usable parts for sale) 151

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