Job Group Nace Codes

Nace Description Number of Company
24.10.02 Manufacture of open profiles from steel (not further treated than hot rolling, hot drawing or extrusion operations) 108
24.10.03 Manufacture of iron and steel hot or cold rolled flat-rolled products (including iron or steel alloy sheets, strips, plates, tin plates, etc.) 473
24.10.05 Production of bars and rods from hot-rolled iron and or steel (including rebar) 201
24.20.09 Manufacture of tubes, pipes, hollow profiles and related fittings made of steel 216
24.20.10 Manufacture of tube, pipe, hollow profiles and related fittings from steel / iron (cold drawn or cold-rolled) 147
24.31.01 Manufacture of steel bars and solid profiles by means of cold drawing method 44
24.32.01 Manufacture of steel narrow strips by means of cold rolling method (width <600 mm) 10
24.34.01 Manufacture of steel wires by means of cold drawing 87
46.72.04 Wholesale trade of iron ore 1278
46.72.05 Wholesale trade of iron and steel in primary forms in billet (ingot), block, granule, powder, pellet, etc. forms (pig iron, cast iron, manganese, iron, steel and steel alloys, etc.) 1012

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