Job Group Nace Codes

Nace Description Number of Company
01.11.07 Growing of leguminous crops (bean (fresh and dry beans), broad-bean, chickpea, lentil, lupine, peas, large size pea etc.) 33
01.11.12 Growing of cereals (wheat and corn, sorghum, barley, rye, oats, millet, bird seed etc.) (except rice) 71
01.11.14 Growing of oil seed (soybean, peanut, cotton seed, mole bean (castor bean), linseed, mustard seed, Niger seed, rapeseed, safflower seed, sesame seed, sunflower seed etc.) 20
01.12.14 Growing of rice (unshelled rice) 4
01.25.09 Growing of hazelnut 2
01.63.02 Activities for breaking and cleaning of shells of hard-shelled products 15
10.39.02 Manufacture of roasted, salted , etc. processed nuts and mash and pulp of these hard-shelled fruits (cooked ones) 65
10.39.06 Manufacture of roasted chickpea and production of roasted sunflower seed, ground nuts, etc. (except hard-shelled fruits) 29
46.21.02 Wholesale trade of grains (wheat, barley, rye, oats, corn, rice etc.) 400
46.21.03 Wholesale trade of oil seed and oilseed fruits (soybean, peanut, linseed, rapeseed, sunflower seed, cotton seed etc.) 66

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