Job Group Nace Codes

Nace Description Number of Company
10.39.03 Manufacture of jelly, molasses, marmalade, jam etc. from fruits and vegetables (including manufacturing of dried fruit roll-up) 59
10.41.06 Manufacture of cocoa butter, almond oil, oregano oil, bay oil, palm kernel or babassu oil, linseed oil, castor oil, tung oil and other similar oils (except linseed oil) 27
10.71.01 Manufacture of fresh bakery products (birthday cake, cookie, pastry, cakes, tart, pasty, pies, waffles etc.) 1521
10.71.03 Manufacture of pastry sweets (shredded wheat dessert, dumplings, baklava etc.) 428
10.72.01 Manufacture of rusks, biscuits, waffles, ice cream cone, wafer etc. products (including chocolate covered ones) 91
10.72.02 Manufacture of snack products (cookies, crackers, pretzels etc.), whether sweet or salted 278
10.72.03 Manufacture of preserved, sweetened pastry goods (sweetened shredded wheat dessert, baklava etc. whether cooked or not) (including manufacturing of phyllo) 294
10.81.01 Manufacturing or refining of sugar or sugar derivatives from sugar cane, beet, palm, maple tree (including manufacturing of liquid sugar and molass) 29
10.82.01 Manufacture of confectioneries containing chocolate and cacao (except white chocolate and cacao spread products) 479
10.82.02 Manufacture of cachous and nougats (bonbon etc.) (except cacao confectioneries) 82

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