Job Group Nace Codes

Nace Description Number of Company
02.40.01 Supporting activities such as logging, cleaning branches and peeling etc. 22
02.40.02 Transportation, cuttling and loading activities for cut and cleaned trees in forests 8
16.10.01 Manufacture of timber (mowing, planing, grating and shaping activities for trees) 273
16.10.02 Manufacture of wooden railway or tramway sleepers 8
16.10.03 Manufacture of wood wool, wood flour, wood chips, wood chipping 8
16.10.06 Services of drying, impregnating or chemically processing of logs and timbers (on behalf of others) 9
16.21.01 Manufacture of siding plate, sheet , etc. made of wood, bamboo and other woody materials (in sheet form) (pressed) 90
16.21.02 Manufacture of plywood, MDF, wallboard etc. made of compressed fiber, wood and plates 57
16.22.01 Manufacture of combinable parquet floorings (except laminated parquets) 43
16.23.90 Manufacture of construction woodwork and joinery works n.e.c. (wooden girders, beams, buttresses, concrete mold, roof shingle etc.) 718

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