Job Group Nace Codes

Nace Description Number of Company
49.10.01 Intercity passenger transportation by railway 13
49.39.01 Scheduled intercity road passenger transportation (including inter-city bus and tramway, intercity personnel and school bus services, etc.; except urban and intercity airport bus services and urban airport shuttle buses) 1323
49.39.04 International passenger transportation via road (bus, etc.) 3218
49.39.90 Passenger transportation not elsewhere classified via cable trains (funicular), cable cars and ski lifts (except those that are part of urban, suburban or metropolitan transit systems) and via other chauffeured vehicles 291
50.10.12 Hiring of cruise ship and boats on sea and coastal waters with the crew (including excursion boats) 177
50.10.13 Transpiration of passengers via ferries, cruise ships and boats on coastal waters (including water bus operations; except those made on international seas and lakes and rivers) 351
50.10.14 Yacht operation on sea and coastal waters 685
50.10.15 Operation of excursion or tour boats and vessels on sea and coastal waters (except yacht operation) 185
50.10.16 Transpiration of passengers via ships on international seas 114
50.10.90 Other passenger transportation on sea and coastal waters (including water taxi, etc.) 70

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