Job Group Nace Codes

Nace Description Number of Company
65.11.02 Life insurance activities 63
65.12.13 Non-life insurance activities (health, fire, motor vehicle, residential, agricultural, marine, aviation, accidents, natural disasters, transportation, shipment, loss of money, debt, liability, etc.) 1208
65.20.01 Reinsurance activities (assuming the risk associated with insurance policies originally underwritten by insurance carriers) 37
65.30.01 Pension fund activities 25
66.21.01 Risk and damage evaluation activities (including insurance expertise) 619
66.22.01 Activities of insurance agents and brokers 6495
66.22.02 Activities of insurance brokers 276
66.29.01 Actuarial activities 11
66.29.90 Activities auxiliary to insurance and pension funding not elsewhere classified (administration of recovered insured goods, etc.) 26

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