Job Group Nace Codes

Nace Description Number of Company
01.41.31 Raising of dairy cattle (raising cow or buffalo for milk) 378
01.43.01 Raising of horses and other equines (asses, mules or hinnies etc.) 31
01.47.02 Operations of hatcheries 6
01.47.03 Production of eggs from poultry 81
01.49.01 Bee-keeping and production of honey and beeswax (including royal jelly and pollen) 104
01.49.02 Raising of silk worms and production of silk worm cocoons 3
01.49.03 Raising and breeding of pet animals (except fish) (cat, dog, birds, hamsters etc.) 66
01.49.90 Raising and breeding of semi-domesticated or other live animals (other birds (except poultry), insects, rabbits and other fur animals, snails, worm farms, reptile farms, animal embryo etc.) 49
01.50.06 Mixed farming (production of crops and animals without a specialized production) 174
01.62.01 Support activities for animal production such as herd testing services, droving services, animal caring, coop cleaning, sheep shearing, provision of space for animal boarding, horseshoeing etc. 35

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