Job Group Nace Codes

Nace Description Number of Company
64.11.06 Central bank activities 1
64.19.01 Activities of banks (including participation banks, savings banks, credit unions, etc.; except central banks and investment banks) 4627
64.20.19 Activities of holding companies (except those managing their subsidiaries) 743
64.30.01 Trusts, funds and similar financial assets 57
64.91.01 Finance leasing 114
64.92.01 Other lending activities (lending money outside the banking system, international trade finance, housing loans by specialized institutions that do not accept deposits, lending money in exchange for liens, etc.) (except lending institutions) 60
64.92.04 Loan granting activities of agricultural credit cooperatives 86
64.92.07 Activities of lending institutions 7
64.92.08 Activities of consumer financing companies 27
64.99.01 Factoring activities 236

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