Job Group Nace Codes

Nace Description Number of Company
23.99.03 Manufacture of treated asbestos fibers, asbestos and magnesium carbonate-based compounds, products made of such mixtures or of asbestos, friction materials mounted for brakes, clutches and the like (brake pad, etc.) 8
25.99.08 Manufacture of metal ship and boat propellers and their metal components and anchors, grappling irons, etc. 69
25.99.19 Manufacture of fixtures and fittings and their parts used at railway or tramway tracks from base metal 4
27.20.01 Manufacture of electric accumulators parts (accumulator plates, separators, lead grids) (except manufacturing of accumulator cases and covers) 24
27.20.03 Manufacture of accumulators (lead acid, nickel cadmium, nickel metal hydride, lithium-ion, lithium polymer, nickel-iron and other electric accumulators) 31
27.20.05 Manufacture of accumulator's box and caps 4
28.11.10 Manufacture of pistons, cylinder and cylinder blocks, cylinder heads, cylinder liners, intake and exhaust valves, piston rings, rods, carburetors, fuel nozzles, etc. used in all internal combustion engines, diesel engines, etc. 41
28.13.04 Manufacture of pumps designed to be mounted in internal combustion engine (oil pumps, fuel pumps (gasoline, diesel, etc. pumps) and cooling pumps) 14
28.15.02 Manufacture of clutches, shaft couplings and universal joints (except clutches used in motor vehicles) 9
28.15.03 Manufacture of gears / gear sets, ball and roller screws, gearboxes, transmission boxes and other speed changers (except gear box and differential used in motor vehicles) 80

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