Job Group Nace Codes

Nace Description Number of Company
35.11.19 Production of electric energy 4893
35.13.01 Distribution of electric energy (operation of electric energy distribution system transferring electricity from production source or transmission system to the end user) 278
35.14.02 Trade of electricity to the users (except brokers and agencies) 203
35.14.03 Operation of electricity and transmission capacity exchanges for electric power 41
35.21.01 Manufacture of gaseous fuels with a specified calorific value, by purification, blending and other processes from gases of various types including natural gas 32
35.22.01 Distribution of gaseous fuels through a system of mains (distribution and supply of gaseous fuels of all kinds through a system of mains) 76
35.23.01 Trade of gas for users through a system of mains (except brokers and agencies) 34
35.23.02 Activities of gas brokers or agents that arrange the sale of gas over gas distribution systems operated by others 47
35.30.21 Production, collection and distribution of steam and hot water 19

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