Job Group Nace Codes

Nace Description Number of Company
25.21.10 Manufacture of central heating radiators (except electric radiators and cast iron radiators) 86
25.21.11 Manufacture of central heating boilers, (boilers, central heating boilers and other heating systems) (except steam generators and producing hot water boilers) 86
25.21.12 Manufacture of central heating radiators. Casting ones (except electric radiators) 5
25.30.01 Manufacture of condensers for steam generating boilers (steam generators), hot water boilers and parts thereof boilers and steam or other vapor power units 85
25.30.02 Manufacture of nuclear reactors and parts of nuclear reactors (except isotope separators) 1
26.51.90 Manufacture of search, detection, navigation, aeronautical, and nautical equipment n.e.c. (including hydraulic or pneumatic automatic adjustment or control instruments and milometers, pedometers, stroboscope, manostats, calipers, spectromet 67
28.13.01 Manufacture of air or vacuum pumps, and air or other gas compressors (except hand and foot-operated air pumps and motor vehicles) 154
28.13.03 Manufacture of hand and foot-operated air pumps 6
28.14.01 Manufacture of other faucets and valves, cast (including industrial faucets, valves and taps, faucets and valves used in plumbing and heating and natural gas valves) 603
28.14.02 Manufacture of other taps and valves (including industrial faucets, valves, taps and valves used in plumbing and heating with valves of natural gas. except bulk) 173

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