Job Group Nace Codes

Nace Description Number of Company
13.10.03 Manufacture of natural cotton fiber (carding, coming, etc.) 21
13.10.05 Manufacture of natural wool and mohair fiber (carding, combing, wool degreasing, carbonizing and dyeing of wool, etc.) 21
13.10.06 Manufacture of natural jute, flax and other vegetable textile fibers (carding, combing, etc.)(except cotton) 9
13.10.09 Carding and combing of synthetic or artificial discontinuous fiber 9
13.10.10 Bending and spun of natural silk 24
13.10.12 Twisting and spun of cotton fiber 262
13.10.13 Twisting and spun of wool and mohair fiber 28
13.10.14 Twisting and spun of jute, flax and other vegetable textile fibers (except cotton) 14
13.10.15 Twisting and spun of artificial or synthetic fibers (except manufacturing of filament yarns and rayon fibers) 155
13.92.06 Manufacture of textile sacks, bags, pouches, and similar products (those used for packing goods) 230

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