Job Group Nace Codes

Nace Description Number of Company
13.20.14 Manufacture of jean fabric 34
13.20.16 Manufacture of cotton woven fabric (including cotton woven veil fabric) (except fabrics for towel, plush etc. and denim, velvet and tufting fabrics) 1022
13.20.17 Manufacture of woven fabric from natural animal hair and wool 31
13.20.19 Manufacture of fabric natural silk (including veil fabric woven from natural silk) 15
13.20.20 Manufacture of woven fabric from linen, ramie, hemp, jute fibers and other vegetable textile fibers (including veil fabric woven from vegetable textile fiber) (except cotton) 55
13.20.21 Manufacture of woven pile, chenille, towel, plush and similar terry toweling fabrics and tufting fabric 68
13.20.22 Manufacture of woven fabrics from synthetic or artificial filament yarns and discontinuous fibers (including veil fabric woven from synthetic and artifical filament yarns) (except fabrics such as towel, plush etc. and velvet and tufting fab 229
13.20.23 Manufacture of imitation fur by weaving 3
13.20.24 Manufacture of woven fabrics of glass fibers (including narrow fabrics of glass fiber) 6
13.92.05 Manufacture of blanket 24

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