Job Group Nace Codes

Nace Description Number of Company
31.01.01 Manufacture of furniture for indoor places such as offices, schools, places of worship, hotels, restaurants, cinemas, theaters etc. (except stone, concrete and ceramic ones) (cloakroom, file cabinets, altars, pulpit, lectern, student desks, 2815
31.01.02 Manufacture of furniture and counters for laboratories and technical offices (microscope desks, lab tables (with or without showing case, gas nozzle and tap installment), fume hoods, unequipped drawing tables, etc.) 93
31.01.03 Manufacture of special furniture such as counters, benches, shop windows, shelves, drawers , etc. (except the ones for laboratories and technical offices) 924
31.01.04 Manufacture of office furniture frames 73
31.02.01 Manufacture of kitchen furniture 653
31.03.01 Manufacture of bed (except bed supports, inflatable rubber bed and water bed) 190
31.03.02 Manufacture of bed supports (spring or steel fiber-reinforced wood or metal frames, wooden boarded mattress bases, mattress, bedstead, etc.) 53
31.09.01 Supplementary activities for finishing of furniture such as spraying, painting, polishing and upholstering 560
31.09.02 Supplementary activities for furnishing chairs, armchairs etc. (except resurfacing of office and domestic furniture) 298
31.09.03 Manufacture of furniture cabinets for sewing machine, TV, computer etc. 44

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