Job Group Nace Codes

Nace Description Number of Company
24.41.19 Manufacture of precious metal alloys (excluding jewellery and other similar products) 28
24.42.16 Manufacture of aluminum foil (including those from alloy) 20
24.42.17 Manufacture of aluminum (in the unprocessed form) 162
24.42.18 Manufacture of aluminum sheets, plates, strips (including those from alloy) 119
24.42.21 Manufacture of aluminum bars, rods, wire and profiles, tubes, pipes and fittings (including those from alloy) 485
24.43.01 Manufacture of lead plates, sheets, strips, foils, lead powders and flakes (including those from alloy) 14
24.43.02 Manufacture of lead (in the unprocessed form) 7
24.43.04 Manufacture of tin bars, rods, profiles, wires, etc. (including those from alloy) 10
24.43.05 Manufacture of tin (in the unprocessed form) 1
24.43.06 Manufacture of zinc (in the unprocessed form) 20

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