Job Group Nace Codes

Nace Description Number of Company
23.11.01 Manufacture of flat glass in the form of plate or sheet (including wired glass, frosted glass, colored or painted flat glass) (the ones which are casted, rolled, drawn, blown, float, polished or glossed but not processed in any other forms) 90
23.12.01 Manufacture of glass mirror (including rear view mirror of vehicles) 58
23.12.02 Manufacture of hardened safety glass and tempered flat glass (except automobile glass) 71
23.12.03 Manufacture of multiple wall insulation glasses 44
23.12.04 Manufacture of processes glass in plate or sheet form (the ones which are rounded, indented, engraved, pierced, enameled/vitrified or processed in other forms, but not framed or mounted) (including optical glasses) 70
23.14.01 Manufacture of fiber glass (including glass wool and non-textile product derivatives) 21
23.19.01 Manufacture of pressed or molded glass floor blocks, bricks, tiles and other products, leaded lamps , etc., pore cellular glasses in block, plate or similar forms (except stained glass) 18
23.19.05 Manufacture of glass parts of lamps and lighting equipment, flashing indicators, escutcheon plates , etc. (including the manufacture of glass plates) 72
23.19.07 Manufacture of electrical insulating materials made of glass 1
23.19.08 Manufacture of stained glass 9

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