Job Group Nace Codes

Nace Description Number of Company
14.12.07 Manufacture of industrial workwear (overalls, work clothes, smocks, etc.) (except seamless plastic ones and fire-resistant and protective safety clothing) 534
14.12.08 Manufacture of professional clothes (including public formal and special uniforms etc.; except for industrial workwear) 72
14.14.01 Manufacture of wearing apparels that can be worn under jacket such as shirts, T-shirts, blouses, etc. (woven, knitted or crocheted fabric) 2404
14.14.02 Manufacture of nightgowns, house coats, pajamas, bathrobes and dressing gowns manufacturing (woven, knitted or crocheted fabric) 190
14.14.03 Manufacture of singlets, vests, briefs, slips, petticoats, camisoles, underskirts, bras, corsets, etc. underwear (woven, knitted or crocheted fabric) 984
14.14.04 Manufacture of garters, suspenders, braces and similar underwear accessories (woven, knitted or crocheted fabric) 48
14.19.01 Manufacture of fitness and workout clothes, ski clothing, swimwear, etc. (including swimming trunks and bikinis) (woven, knitted or crocheted fabric) 219
14.19.07 Manufacture of hats, caps, balmorals, trays and hand aprons and their parts (including fur hats and headgear; except those for babies) 88
46.42.06 Wholesale trade of underwear (briefs, panties, shirts, t-shirts, robes, sleepwear, bras, corsets, bathrobes, etc.) 946
47.71.01 Retail trade of infant and children wearing apparels in specialized stores (including infant underwear apparels) 1265

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