Job Group Nace Codes

Nace Description Number of Company
49.32.02 Renting activities for other private vehicles with drivers (including car, limo, etc.; except minibuses, buses, etc.) 679
49.39.06 Renting of bus, minibus, etc. with drivers (for given routes) and road passenger transportation for trips (including city tour buses, trip buses, etc.) 860
74.90.01 Expertise activities (expertise services for antiques, jewelry, etc.) (except expertise activities for marine, real estate and insurance) 84
74.90.02 Worksite brokerage activities (regulation of buying and selling of small and medium sized enterprises, etc.) 178
74.90.06 Ship classification society, marine expertise and marine surveyor activities 94
77.11.01 Renting and leasing of light motor vehicles and cars without driver (including cars, cans, etc. less than 3.5 tons; except motorcycles) (except financial leasing) 4414
77.12.01 Renting and leasing of heavy motor vehicles without driver (truck, trailer, etc. more than 3.5 tons) renting and leasing of vans and agricultural machinery and equipment as well as construction machinery and equipment) (except financial lea 155
77.21.01 Renting and leasing of horses, ponies, camels, etc. for entertainment and sports purposes (except financial leasing) 4
77.21.02 Renting and leasing of bicycle (except financial leasing) 24
77.21.04 Renting and leasing of boats, rowboats, canoes, sailboats, etc., without crew for entertainment and sports purposes (except financial leasing) 57

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