Job Group Nace Codes

Nace Description Number of Company
23.19.04 Small glassware manufacturing (including trinkets, etc. ornaments, beads, imitation pearls / stones, imitation jewelry, etc.) 79
23.41.02 Manufacture of ornaments, ceramic and porcelain figurines, vases, trinket, etc. (except toys) 138
23.41.03 Manufacture of ceramic tableware, home and toilet goods and ornaments (ceramics) (including ceramics decor) 18
23.41.04 Manufacture of soil casseroles, bowls, pots, , cubes, vases, etc. and clay sculpture goods etc. ornamental and decorative items (except those made of porcelain and chinaware and for packing and transportation of goods) 23
32.12.06 Engraving and embossing activities on metal goods whether precious or not 23
32.13.01 Manufacture of imitation jewelry and related goods 270
32.40.03 Manufacture of jigsaw, puzzle and similar products (including Lego, etc.) 28
32.40.04 Manufacture of stuffed toy dolls and toy animals 25
32.40.05 Manufacture of toy dolls, puppets and animals as well as clothing, parts and accessories of them (except stuffed ones) 35
32.40.07 Manufacture of toy music instruments 5

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