Job Group Nace Codes

Nace Description Number of Company
23.19.03 Manufacture of glass envelopes (open) and their glass components (used for electric light bulbs, electric lamps, cathode-ray tubes etc.) 2
27.40.02 Manufacture of monoblock light unit for motor and air vehicles, electric lighting or visual signaling equipment for land, air and sea vehicles (including external warning lamp police cars, ambulances etc. instruments) 271
27.40.03 Manufacture of chandeliers, sconces and other electrical lighting fixtures, scenery, photo or projector for movie studios and spot lights, electric table lamps, work lamps, lampshades etc. (including sets for decoration lighting) 993
27.40.04 Manufacture of street lighting equipment (except traffic lights) 102
27.40.05 Manufacture of batteries, accumulators, magnetos electric-powered, portable electric lamps and flashlights, lamps, gas lamps and luxury. lighting fixtures etc. (except for vehicles) 24
27.40.07 Manufacture of parts and components of other lamps and lighting fixtures with lamps, lighting fixtures and the like n.e.c. (except glass or plastic ones) 106
27.90.06 Manufacture of electric sound or visual signaling apparatus, liquid crystal devices (LCD) or light emitting diodes (LED) display panels n.e.c. (including electronic number plate (scoreboard)) 174
46.47.03 Wholesale trade of lighting equipment (chandeliers, sconces, etc.) 922
47.59.02 Retail trade of lighting equipment in specialized stores (lamps, lighting fixtures, chandeliers, lamp shades, illuminated signs, portable electric lamps etc.) (except electrical components) 359

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