Job Group Nace Codes

Nace Description Number of Company
26.20.01 Manufacture of computer and computer peripherals 227
28.23.01 Manufacture of calculators and the pocket size machines with calculation function that can record given information and re-present and show recorded information (electrical, electronic, mechanical, etc.) 7
28.23.03 Manufacture of cash registers 6
28.23.04 Manufacture of money counter and money packing machinery 13
28.23.05 Manufacture of typewriters, stenography and word processing machinery (electrical or non-electrical) (including braillewriter machines) 1
28.23.06 Manufacture of photocopy and thermocopy machinery as well as office type offset printing machinery (paper size <=22x36 cm) 15
28.23.07 Manufacture of office tools and hardware such as toner cartridge, drilling tools, stapler machine, tape cutter, blackboard (including smart boards), sharpener, etc. 78
28.23.08 Manufacture of mimeograph machines, mail processing machinery, address printing machinery as well as other office machinery 7
33.12.18 Maintenance and repair of office and accounting machinery (typewriters, cash registers, photocopy machines, calculators, etc.) 181
46.14.01 Brokers making wholesale trade computer, software, electronic and telecommunication hardware and other office equipment basing on a fee or on contract basis 1711

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