Job Group Nace Codes

Nace Description Number of Company
15.12.10 Manufacture of watchband from plastic or rubber 2
15.12.11 Manufacture of watchband from fabric or other materials (except metals) 2
23.19.02 Manufacture of glasses for wall clock, watches or eyeglasses (curved, bent, hollow etc. but not optically processed) and hollow cases and components used for manufacturing of these kind of glasses 5
26.51.04 Manufacture of equipment and devices used in measuring speed and distance (speedometer, tachometer, taximeter etc.) 40
26.51.08 Manufacture of compasses and other navigation devices and tools and radar equipment and sonar (including the ones used in air, land, sea transportation) 24
26.52.03 Manufacture of process recording equipment, time-recording equipment, parking meters, and time adjusted locks with clocks and watches (shift counter etc.) 16
26.52.04 Manufacture of machineries, cases and other components of watches, table clocks, wall clocks and pocket watches (including chronometers and gages and other similar timing mechanisms on indicator panels of vehicles) 59
32.50.01 Manufacture of eyeglasses (visual impairment corrective, protective and other purposes), spectacle glass, contact lens and frames and frame components for eyeglasses and the like 144
32.50.08 Manufacture of surgical, diagnostic, test and similar instruments for ophthalmological treatment (round saw, ophthalmoscope, retinoscope, keratometers , etc. for cornea) 10
46.43.11 Wholesale trade of optical products (eyeglasses, glasses for clocks and eyeglasses, binoculars , etc.) 556

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