Job Group Nace Codes

Nace Description Number of Company
23.20.16 Manufacture of refractory ceramic construction products such as heat-insulating ceramic products and flameproof briquettes, blocks, bricks, refractory bricks, etc. from diatomaceous filtrated earth (diatomaceous earth) 75
23.20.17 Manufacture of ceramic products such as refractory stills, distillation vessels, melting pots, valve tips, tubes, pipes, casting ladles, muffle furnaces, injection tubes, etc. 29
23.20.19 Manufacture of refractory brick 8
23.20.20 Manufacture of refractory cement, mortar and concrete. 8
23.31.01 Manufacture of ceramic tiles and paving stones (including mosaic stones and mosaic cubes) (except refractory ones) 52
23.32.02 Manufacturing of roofing tiles, chimney-pots, chimney-cowls, fireplace and chimney-flue, conduit, fittings, construction products such as tiles, of non-refractory clay and earth (incl.ceramic conduit,pipe and fittings)(excl.bricks, tiles) 92
23.32.03 Manufacturing of non-refractory brick and tile in baked clay 12
23.42.01 Manufacture of ceramic sanitary products 95
23.43.01 Manufacture of ceramic insulators and insulating fittings 19
23.44.01 Manufacture of other technical ceramic products (products used at laboratory, chemical and other technical fields) (except refractory ceramic products) 15

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