Job Group Nace Codes

Nace Description Number of Company
26.11.04 Manufacture of diodes, transistors, of cardiac, triacs, thyristors, resistors, LEDs, crystal, relays, micro switches, fixed or adjustable electronic integrated circuits with resistors and capacitors 221
26.11.05 Manufacture of cathode-ray picture tubes, television camera tubes and magnetrons, klystrons, microwave tubes and other valve tubes, LCD and plasma TV panels and indicators 22
26.11.06 Manufacture of bare printed circuit boards 33
26.11.90 Manufacture of other electronic components n.e.c. 168
26.12.01 Manufacture of loaded electronic boards (loaded printed circuit boards, audio, video, controllers, network and modem cards and smart cards etc.) 326
26.30.02 Manufacture of radio and television studios, broadcasting equipment and radio and television transmission equipment (including TV cameras and the base station) 103
26.30.03 Manufacture of communication devices using infra-red signals (e.g. remote controls) 7
26.30.05 Manufacture of transmit and receive antennas (external, telescopic, bar, satellite dish antennas and air and sea vehicles) 48
26.30.06 Manufacture of wired and wireless phone, cell phone, cable video phone, pager and fax machine (including manufacture of answering machines) 87
26.30.08 Manufacture of centralized communication equipment and digital or analog telephone-telegraph stations and data transmission equipment such as gateways, bridges, routers (including walrus or walrus-type recorder and keys) 73

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