Job Group Nace Codes

Nace Description Number of Company
21.10.01 Manufacture of basic pharmaceutical products (manufacturing of medically active substances to be benefited from their pharmacologic properties in manufacturing of drugs such as antibiotics, vitamins and salicylic acid as well as blood produ 372
21.20.01 Manufacture of medical drugs relating to pharmaceutics (medical drugs containing antibiotics, painkillers, medical drugs containing hormones, etc.) 457
21.20.02 Production of adhesive bandages, catguts and similar medical products (sterile surgical catguts, buffers used along with pharmaceutical materials, cotton wool, gauze, bandages, etc.) 160
21.20.03 Manufacture of medical drugs towards animal health 51
21.20.04 Manufacture of other pharmaceutical preparations (antisera, antidotes, vaccines, chemical contraceptive preparations based on hormones or spermicides, diagnostic reagents and other pharmaceutical preparations) (including those for animal he 129
23.19.06 Manufacture of laboratory, hygienic or pharmaceutical glassware and glass bulbs (ampoules) (except those used in packaging and transportation ) 27
26.60.01 Manufacture of irradiation, electromedical and electrotherapeutic equipment ( electro-cardiography device, hearing aids, radiology equipment, x-ray equipment , devices based on use of X, Alpha, Beta , Gamma, ultraviolet and infrared radiati 182
32.50.02 Manufacture of artificial limbs, prostheses and orthopedic products as well as their parts and accessories (artificial joints, dental fittings, orthopedic shoes and corsets, braces, medical nail, truss, etc.) 348
32.50.03 Manufacture of dental materials and devices (including dental aerators) (except syringes, needles, catheters, cannulas and similar materials) 96
32.50.04 Manufacture of medical, surgical, dental or veterinary furniture, barbers’ chairs and similar chairs and their parts (surgical and examination tables, adjustable hospital beds, dental chairs, etc.) (except X-ray tables and seats) 114

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