Job Group Nace Codes

Nace Description Number of Company
14.13.04 Manufacture of outerwear goods (weaving, knitting and crochet (hook), etc. fabric ones (jackets, coats, toppers, pants, suits, two-piece suits, anoraks, raincoats, night clothes, etc.) (except business attires and activities of tailors) 19764
14.13.05 Manufacture of outerwear goods that are measured according to orders (weaving, knitting and crochet (hook), etc. fabrics (activities of tailors)) (except repair of wearing apparels and manufacturing of shirts) 423
14.13.06 Manufacture of stage and performance clothing (weaving, knitting and crochet (hook), etc. fabrics) 34
14.13.07 Manufacture of bridals 343
46.42.01 Wholesale trade of baby clothes, sports clothes and other wearing apparels (including ski clothing, swimwear, swimsuits, etc.) 1310
46.42.05 Wholesale trade of other outerwear goods (including business attires and knitwear ones; except those made of fur and leather) 14520
47.71.04 Retail trade of other outerwear in specialized stores (coats, jackets, anoraks, suits, jackets, pants, shorts (textile fabric or knitted or crocheted textile)) 8708
47.71.07 Retail trade of leather or leather composition wearing apparels in specialized stores 233
47.71.08 Retail trade sweater, pullovers, cardigans, waistcoats and similar articles in specialized stores 125
47.71.12 Retail trade of bridal in specialized stores 233

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