Job Group Nace Codes

Nace Description Number of Company
20.42.01 Manufacture of mouth or teeth care products (including toothpaste, etc. as well as fixative pastes and powders to keep dentures constant and dental floss) 67
20.42.02 Manufacture of cologne 113
20.42.03 Manufacture of perfumes and other perfuming liquid products, manicure / pedicure preparations , sun care products, lip and eye make-up products, bath salts, cosmetics or personal care powder, soap and organic surface- active preparations, d 1388
20.42.04 Manufacture of shampoo, hair cream, hair spray, hair conditioner, hair straightening and perming products, hair lotions, hair dyes, etc. 262
20.59.06 Manufacture of peptones, other protein materials and their derivatives and the skin powders 10
32.91.03 Manufacture of toothbrushes, hair brushes, shaving brushes and other brushes that are used for personal care as well as paint brushes, writing brushes and cosmetics brushes 32
32.99.06 Manufacture of wig, false hair, false beards, false eyebrows, etc. 111
46.18.02 Brokers making wholesale trade of cosmetics, perfume and care products as well as cleaning materials basing on a fee or on contract basis 1501
46.45.01 Wholesale trade of perfumes, cosmetic products and cologne ( including perfumery ) 2552
46.45.02 Wholesale trade of soap (for personal hygiene ) 84

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