Job Group Nace Codes

Nace Description Number of Company
18.11.01 Newspapers, magazines and periodicals printing services (those published four times a week or more) 195
18.12.01 Stickers, calendars, commercial catalogs, promotional materials, posters, sales newsletters, postcards, invitations and greeting cards, yearbooks, guides, painting, drawing and coloring books, comics, etc. printing services 1649
18.12.02 Newspapers, magazines and periodicals printing services (those published less than four times a week) 462
18.12.03 Encyclopedias, dictionaries, books, booklets, musical works and music manuscripts, atlases, maps, etc. printing services 2761
18.12.04 Reproduction printing (printing without disturbing the original of a work of art) 31
18.12.05 Serigraphy activities 236
18.12.06 Printing services for postage stamps, revenue stamps, printed documents, title deeds, smart cards, checkbook, banknote and other valuable papers, etc. 27
18.12.07 Services for printing on plastic, glass, metal, wood and ceramics 303
18.13.01 Services for manufacturing of printing plates or cylinders for use in printing and other printing elements (stereotype, etc.) as well as engraving or etching cylinders for gravure printing, layout, typesetting, layer production services, et 154
18.13.02 Pre-printing computer-aided services (computer-aided page design as well as design of transparent, acetate, reprographic, presentation tools and other digital media, drafts, plans, etc. printing products) (including desktop publishing) 596

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