Job Group Nace Codes

Nace Description Number of Company
24.10.01 Manufacture of crude steel (slab or in other primary forms or semi-finished steel products form) 130
24.10.06 Production of iron or steel granule and iron power 2
24.10.07 Remelting scrap iron or steel 42
24.10.08 Manufacture of ferrous materials and other sponge iron products obtained by direct reduction of iron ore and production of iron with exceptional purity by means of electrolysis or other chemical methods 51
24.10.09 Manufacture of railway and tramway track construction material from steel (unassembled rails and rail equipment, parts, etc.) and sheet piles and welded open profile 20
24.10.10 Production of pig iron and manganese cast iron (mirror iron / spiegeleisen) (in ingot, block or other primary forms) 109
24.10.12 Production of ferro-alloys (ferro-manganese, ferro silicon, ferro-silico-manganese, ferro-chrome, and others) 3
24.33.01 Manufacture of open profiles, ribbed sheets and sandwich panels by means of cold forming or folding methods 110
24.51.13 Iron casting (casting of semi-finished iron products, gray iron casting, spheroidal graphite iron casting, casting of malleable cast iron products, manufacturing of tubes, pipes and hollow profiles as well as tubes and pipes from cast iron 184
24.52.20 Steel casting 40

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