Job Group Nace Codes

Nace Description Number of Company
41.10.01 Development of building projects (organizing of building projects for housing or other usage purposes by bringing together financial, technical and physical tools building projects towards sale) (except building societies) 1797
41.10.03 Activities of worksite building societies 188
41.20.01 Construction of nonresidential buildings (construction of buildings aiming industrial production such as factories, workshops, etc. as well as hospitals, schools, hotels, offices, shops, shopping centers, restaurants, indoor sports faciliti 14990
41.20.03 Assembly and installation on site of components for prefabricated buildings 245
42.99.01 Construction of facilities suitable for outdoor sports and recreational areas (golf courses, outdoor stadiums, tennis courts, athletic fields, beach resort, mountain shelters, amusement parks, etc.) 142
42.99.02 Construction of structures for mining and manufacturing industries (winding shafts and towers, mine loading and unloading stations, refineries, chemical plants, etc.) 35
42.99.04 Construction of a natural gas processing plants 35
43.11.01 Demolition works (demolition and dismantling of buildings and other structures) 263
43.29.05 Fencing and railing installation works (including installation of metal fire escapes) 72
43.31.01 Plaster works (internal and external plaster works or gypsum plaster works as well as drywall works at buildings or other constructions, etc.) 530

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