Job Group Nace Codes

Nace Description Number of Company
24.41.16 Manufacture of gold (raw, semi-finished, powder) as well as gold coating or cladding of silver or base metals by extruding (excluding manufactur of jewellery and similar products) 322
24.41.17 Manufacture of silver (raw, semi-finished, powder) as well as silver cladding of base metals by extruding (excluding jewellery and other similar products) 215
24.41.18 Manufacture of platinum (raw, semi-finished, powder) as well as platinum coating or cladding of gold, silver or base metals by extruding (including manufacturing of palladium, rhodium, osmium and ruthenium as well as platinum catalytic) (ex 5
32.11.01 Minting coin money 2
32.12.01 Manufacture of ornaments and jewels from precious metals (including the ones made of base metals cladded with precious metals by means of methods such as printing, sealing, etc.) 2815
32.12.04 Processing of pearl and precious natural stones and manufacturing of ornaments and jewels and their parts from precious stones (including synthetic or reformed ones) 306
32.12.07 Processing of industrial diamonds 4
46.48.01 Wholesale trade of jewelry and ornaments (gold, silver, etc. ones) (except imitation ones) 3064
46.72.03 Wholesale trade of precious metal ores and concentrations (gold, silver, platinum, etc.) 1001
46.76.03 Wholesale trade of unprocessed pearl, precious and semiprecious stones (except industrial type diamonds) 138

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