Job Group Nace Codes

Nace Description Number of Company
32.30.17 Manufacture of snow-skis, ski boots, ski poles, ice skates, roller skates and water ski equipment, surf boards, windsurfing boards, etc. as well as their parts (including skateboards) 7
32.30.18 Manufacture of gymnastics and athletics equipment as well as the equipment and materials of body building facilities (vaulting horse, dumbbells and halters, rowing and cycling equipment, javelins, hammers; boxing balls or wrestling rings, e 108
32.30.19 Manufacture of sport purpose climbing, hunting or fishing equipment (helmets, fishing rods, fishing casts and hooks, automatic fishing reels, hand shovels, butterfly nets, artificial fish, artificial baits such as flies, bullets, artificial 25
32.30.20 Manufacture of other equipment for sports or outdoor games (boxing gloves, sports gloves, springs, baseball and golf clubs and balls and other goods, table tennis, tennis rackets, nets and balls, leggings, leg protectors, inflatable and oth 54
32.30.21 Manufacture of balls (for baseball, football, basketball and volleyball) 8
32.40.01 Manufacture of play cards and papers (card games, etc.) 7
32.40.02 Manufacture of coin or token-operated game machines and goods and accessories used for billiards (gaming machines such as roulette, etc. and billiard tables and cues, cue racks, billiard balls, chalks, collective or sliding score counters, 45
32.40.06 Manufacture of accessories for funfair, table or hall games 15
46.49.02 Wholesale trade of sport equipment (including basketball, football, etc. sport shoes, special sport shoes such as ski boots, bicycles and bicycle parts and accessories, tents and camping materials) 634
46.49.09 Wholesale trade of sport purpose hunting and fishing equipment (except pistols, shotguns and fishing nets) 72

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