Job Group Nace Codes

Nace Description Number of Company
14.11.05 Manufacture of leather clothing appeal (including those with leather companion; except footwear) 911
14.20.04 Manufacture of goods and parts made of post, fur or fur skin (except clothing appeal and clothing accessories) 36
14.20.05 Manufacture of wearing apparels and clothing accessories made of post,fur or fur skin (except fur hats, caps and gloves) 147
15.11.10 Manufacture of leather and fur skin (fur and leather tanning, dressing, dyeing, polishing and processing) (except ironing on barrel of processed leather without subjecting to any other process) 283
15.11.11 Cleaning by scrapping, tagging, tearing hairs and bleaching (including finishing of post leather) 6
15.11.13 Manufacture of leather and welt based composition as well as the plate, sheet leather and welt 11
15.12.07 Manufacture of luggage, handbags, purses, school bags, briefcases, leather cigarette case, leather shoelace, personal care, sewing, etc. purposed travel kits, etc. products made of leather, welt, composite leather and other materials 1395
15.12.08 Manufacture of saddlery and harnesses from leather or other materials, (whips, saddles, leashes, saddlebags, etc.) 20
15.12.09 Manufacture of leather watch strap 4
46.24.01 Wholesale trade of raw leathers, posts and fur skins 632

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