Job Group Nace Codes

Nace Description Number of Company
10.31.01 Processing and preserving of potatoes (manufacturing of frozen, dried, mashed, dehydrated potatoes) (including peeling) 24
10.31.02 Manufacture of potato snacks, crisps, flour and meal 19
10.39.07 Processing of sesame and manufacturing of sesame oil 30
10.41.01 Manufacture of sunflower seed oil 50
10.61.01 Manufacture of cereal breakfast products and other granulated cereal products (including wheat, rye, oats, maize (corn) and other corn flake and popcorn) 48
10.61.02 Grain milling and production of flour (including corn flour, bran, groats, but except rice flour) 115
10.61.05 Manufacture of rice, milled rice and rice flour (including rice factory and its products) 17
10.61.06 Manufacture of farina 1
10.61.07 Manufacture of leguminous grains preheated or prepared in other forms (including bulgur, but except corn) 3
10.61.08 Milling vegetables and edible legumes and production of flour or meal of dried leguminous vegetables (including mixtures and mixed vegetable flour) (except the ones prepared by cooking) 8

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