Job Group Nace Codes

Nace Description Number of Company
23.99.01 Manufacture of materials made of asphalt or similar materials (including bituminous based felts used in roofing or waterproofing) 45
23.99.02 Manufacture of mineral sound / heat-insulating materials (slag wools, rock wools, mineral wools, exfoliated vermiculites, expanded clays, cold tundish plate, etc. thermal and sound insulating materials) 125
38.11.02 Collection and removal of debris such as construction and demolition waste, bushes, twigs, ruins 149
41.20.05 Reorganization or renovation of existing residential or non-residential premises (large-scale revisions) 1591
43.29.03 Heat, sound or vibration insulation and other construction installation works (including installation of thermal insulation and vacuum cleaning systems) 1022
43.33.01 Wall and floor covering activities inside or outside of buildings (laying of marble, terrazzo, granite, tiles and paving stones, wall and floor coverings including wood, etc.) (except carpet, linoleum and paper coatings) 2258
43.33.02 Other floor covering and wall covering works not elsewhere classified (carpet, linoleum and other flexible floor covering and wall covering works) 261
43.34.01 Interior and exterior painting of buildings 394
43.34.02 Glazing works 132
43.34.03 Outdoor painting works 37

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