Job Group Nace Codes

Nace Description Number of Company
26.40.08 Manufacture of audio and video players and recorders, household-type video cameras and other video recording or reproducing apparatus 77
26.40.09 Manufacture of radio and television (including the ones used in vehicles) 18
26.40.10 Manufacture of microphone, speaker and headphone amplifiers and electric sound amplifiers 42
26.40.11 Manufacture of monitors and projectors (not used in an automatic data processing system as computes) 8
26.40.12 Manufacture of video games and consoles (the ones used with television or have its own screen) 6
27.51.02 Manufacture of household-type electric water heaters (including storage water heaters, instantaneous water heaters, geysers, gas heater), electric heaters (electric stove, radiator, etc..) and electric soil heating apparatus 82
27.51.03 Manufacture of vacs and carpet cleaning / washing machine and dry or wet vacuum cleaners, cordless and battery-operated handheld vacuum cleaner 33
27.51.04 Manufacture of small electric household appliances used in kitchen (tea or coffee maker, urn, grilling, frying machine, food processor, mixer, blender, juicer, meat grinder, toaster, fryer, etc.) 184
27.51.05 Manufacture of other small electric household appliances (electro hand dryer, electric iron, towel dispenser, air humidifier) and electric blankets 48
27.51.06 Manufacture of electrical personal care appliances (electric shaver, epilator and hair clipper, hair styling electro machine (hair dryers, curlers, combs, curling irons), electric toothbrush, etc.) 28

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