Job Group Nace Codes

Nace Description Number of Company
69.10.01 Expert activities (legal issues) 29
69.10.02 Legal consultancy 89
69.10.03 Legal consultancy and representation activities (advocacy activities) 163
69.10.04 Other legal service activities (patents, copyright and other intellectual property rights, liquidation of assets, etc. consulting and legal services) 385
69.10.07 Notarial activities 3
69.10.08 Activities of social security consultants 74
69.10.09 Legal mediation and settlement activities (arbitration or mediation services for settlement of disputes arising between labor and management, between businesses or individuals) 80
70.10.01 Activities of head offices (administrative center of the initiative by the same company or with the management services provided to other departments governing the holding, including its subsidiaries) 541
70.22.02 Business and other management consultancy activities (an organization's strategic, financial, marketing, production, business processes, projects etc. Management services and consultancy in the commercial brand and franchise) 12110
70.22.03 Human resources management consultancy activities 1380

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