Job Group Nace Codes

Nace Description Number of Company
20.59.01 Manufacture of photographic plates and films (sensitized and unexposed to light), instant print films and , other chemical preparations and unmixed (pure) products used in photography 7
26.70.16 Manufacture of camera (digital, instant printing, cameras used in recording documents on microfilm etc., and used under sea, aerial photography, forensic pathology or criminology laboratories) 6
26.70.19 Manufacture of flash lamps, photographic enlargers, equipment for photographic laboratories, negatoscopes (thin light panel), projection screens, liquid crystal devices and lasers (laser diodes) 9
27.40.01 Manufacture of discharge bulb, ultra-violet or infra-red bulb, arc lamp, tungsten halogen filament bulb, flash bulb with other filament bulb used in photography, flash cubes and the like 34
33.13.03 Maintenance and repair of professional optical devices and photography equipment (except repair of consumer electronics) 29
46.43.10 Wholesale trade of photography products (flash lamps, photographic emulsions, polarizing agents, photographic plates and film etc.) 167
46.49.23 Wholesale trade of art reproduction products (picture, photo etc.) 62
46.49.24 Wholesale trade of frames for pictures, photos , etc. 38
47.78.22 Retail trade of photography products and equipment in specialized stores 119
74.20.22 Activities of photography for consumers (portrait for passport, school, wedding etc.) 493

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