Job Group Nace Codes

Nace Description Number of Company
42.11.01 Construction of motorways, roads, urban roads and other vehicular or pedestrian ways 592
42.11.02 Surface works at roads, tunnels, etc. such as asphalting and repair road surfaces, construction of pavements, bumps, bike paths, etc., marking surfaces of roads, etc. by paint, installation of road barriers, traffic signs and plates etc., 614
42.11.03 Airport runway construction 21
42.12.01 Construction of railways and subways (including repair and maintenance) 115
42.13.01 Bridge construction (including elevated highways-viaducts) 102
42.13.02 Tunnel construction 66
42.21.01 Construction of long distance pipelines for fluids (long-distance pipelines on land and under sea for transportation of oil products and gas and transportation of other products) 114
42.21.02 Water well drilling and septic system installation activities (wells, artesian wells, etc.) 39
42.21.03 Construction of main water mains and water lines as well as water treatment plants, sewage disposal plants and pumping stations (including irrigation systems (canals)) 281
42.21.05 Fluid short distance (local) construction of pipelines (oil products and gas transportation and water, sewer, hot water, steam and other short-distance pipeline for transportation of products) 93

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