Job Group Nace Codes

Nace Description Number of Company
13.92.09 Manufacture of flags, banners and pennants 89
13.92.11 Manufacture of tarpaulins, awnings, roller blinds (sun blinds), sails, tents and camping equipment (including inflatable mattress) 375
13.94.02 Manufacture of nets and net products from cord, cordage, twine or rope (fishing net, unloading networks, etc.) 36
13.94.03 Manufacture of cord, cordage, twine, rope, and similar goods (including rubber or plastic impregnated, coated ones) 109
13.95.01 Manufacture of nonwoven clothes and the products made from them (except wearing apparels) 128
13.96.02 Manufacture of cords pieces from textile materials; unprocessed ribbon goods and similar ornament goods 240
13.96.03 Manufacture of narrow woven fabrics (except labels, badges and other similar items) 207
13.96.04 Manufacture of woven labels, badges, emblems and other similar goods from textile materials 822
13.96.05 Manufacture of textile products and goods for technical use (including wicks, gas mantles, hoses from textile materials, transmission or conveyor belts, bolting cloth and straining cloth) 148
13.96.07 Manufacture of textile-covered rubber thread or thread made of rubber or plastic covered or impregnated textile and textiles made from them 66

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